DAX introduces “Listener ID”

Listener ID; introducing a pioneering new effectiveness measurement tool for audio

DAX is introducing a pioneering new effectiveness measurement tool for audio. ‘Listener ID’ will allow advertisers to measure and track the impact of their advertising in a way that’s never been done before.  Speaking at the IAB Upfronts, Oliver Deane, commercial digital director at Global, made the announcement in front of an audience of more than 200 people at The Barbican in London.

The new ‘Listener ID’ tracking capabilities mean that advertisers can now measure the effectiveness of their campaigns on digital audio platforms including Soundcloud, audioBoom, Global’s Heart, Capital and Radio X, and Bauer Media’s KISS.  With this tool, advertisers and agencies can profile their audiences based on a range of consumer attributes.  They can also track the user interaction and journey on their site and understand which creative routes are driving traffic for their campaigns.

Mike Gordon, chief commercial officer at Global and one of the architects of DAX, said: “This is hugely significant and a first for the audio advertising market around the world.  The introduction of ‘listener ID’ means that advertisers will have deeper insights into the behaviour of listeners after they are served ads, and how different advertising is performing for their brands.  We are going to start rolling this out to clients today.

‘Listener ID’ will be introduced to brands advertising on DAX.  Regular advertisers include Camelot, CineWorld, Go Compare, Asda and Lyst.  DAX gives advertisers a way to reach 15 million highly engaged consumers in one buy.  In the UK every week 21.7 million people stream digital audio.

Ollie Deane, Global’s commercial director